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The ENS Paris-Saclay guide for international students

from August 22, 2016 to September 30, 2016

You will be soon student at École normale supérieure de Paris-Saclay. On behalf of ENS Paris-Saclay, congratulations and welcome : a guide is dedicated for you.

International students guide 2016

International students guide 2016

Each year, ENS welcomes international students, or incoming mobility, wishing to pursue studies that may or may not lead to a diploma.

This international guide gives you some information :

  • Prior to your departure : get accepted, obtain a visa, secure financial resources for your stay, find housing, ;

  • Prepare your journey  : what to pack ;

  • Upon your arrival : get and register to ENS, obtain a residency permit, finalise your accomodation, get health insurance ;

  • Student life : services, transports, healthcare, students associations, sports, entertainment.

An international environment

A high number of researchers and academics from all over the world visit the ENS Paris-Saclay every year as guest professors, within the framework of international programs or events.

Seminars and conferences held by foreign scientists are open to students at all levels. Student at the ENS Paris-Saclay are therefore permanently immersed in such an environment to get a broad-minde and international sense.

ENS Paris-Saclay has an active involvement in the European system of higher education and research, including student exchanges.

Several appropriate programmes are funding students, eager to join ENS Paris-Saclay. Some of them are specific for this purpose, created on ENS Paris-Saclay's own initiative, or by consortia and partnerships.
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