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Programme structure

Key figures

Département de génie civil

  • 1,300 normalien students
  • About 800 non normalien students
  • Over 200 international and exchange students
  • 200 permanent teaching staff
  • 450 external contributors

ENS System

1st year of study    
Last year
of Bachelor's - "Licence" (L3)

2d year of study     
First year of Master's - M1

3d year of study     
Preparation for the Agrégation  or a year's research or professional training

4th year of study    

Second year of Master's - M2
Three doctoral years

International System

BA/BSc degree

M1 + M2 =
Master's degree


Agrégation (professional teaching qualification)

Highly competitive national examination to enter the teaching profession at secondary and higher education levels as a civil servant. The examination is open equally to French and EU students. The preparation of the examination is carried out over the course of one year and it does not result in a degree.

Partner Universities

    • University Paris 1 - Panthéon-Sorbonne
    • University Paris 4 - Sorbonne
    • University Paris 5 - René Descartes
    • University Paris 6 - Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)
    • University Paris 7 - Denis Diderot
    • University Paris 10 - Nanterre
    • University Paris 11 - Paris-Sud
    • University Rennes 1
    • University Rennes 2 - Haute Bretagne